Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things I LOVE but can't afford Tuesday!

David Bromley (one of my favourite artists) who is guest blogger at The Design Files collaborated with Capocchi to create the most amazing unique pieces of furniture.

Gorgeous Antique French Bed $18,500

Oil on canvas $27,000

Vintage Theodolite Lamp $3,950

All images are from Capocchi



A Casa da V√° said...

Hi Kara, thank you for your lovely visit! This bed is just stunning, so precious! I am now following you too!

Hugs & kisses from Rio!

Laura Trevey said...

Love that gorgeous bed!!

Anna of IHOD said...

You know one of the things that I love about blogging? Posting about things you can never afford but getting it out of your system somewhat:) These are fantastic pieces!