Thursday, June 9, 2011


Here are some really easy contemporary watercolour designs for you to try. There is no mixing of paints or technical skill involved so you don't need to be an artist to create these designs...have a go!
TIP: The most important thing to remember is always have immaculately clean paper.

  • paint 
  • paint brushes
  • jars
  • watercolour paper
  • cardboard stick
  • frame

water jars
Start with a circle or balloon shape. Dip brush in water and place at base of circle. Turn picture and let it drip. Voila! balloons on a string. Let it dry and frame or use a black ink pen to draw around the balloons.

Do the same process in another colour with as many shapes as you like...

Use black ink pen around balloons
This design is so simple. Just get a piece of thick card carefully dab with acrylic paint and drag along the paper. Clean card with a cloth and dip into your next with colour. You can do these colour swatches to match your home interior. 



simona said...

i like these ideas, also the way you photographed them!

LJ said...

aren't you the clever one!! xx