Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm posting a little late today. I have had one busy morning!

I am just loving recycling and upcycling at the moment, you have your own special unique things and it's great for the environment. Here are a couple of DIY's just for you...

I came across this great DIY organiser made from tin cans, there are so many possibilities. You could paint and arrange them any way you like.

Such a great idea!

Recycling an old 80's dress...

I love that you don't have to be a good sewer when it comes to upcycling clothes - all you need to know is the basics.

Start with a very ugly 80's dress
with great bold good quality fabric
Prepare to cut - start with taking the inner dress out. If there isn't one, cut the hem length you would like - please ignore my styling, those scissors look a little dangerous.
cut the neckline...and remove any horrible shoulder pads - I personally really don't need those.
measure bias binding around the neckline and don't forget to add an extra 1cm at the end. Sew bias binding ends together and pin right sides of fabric and binding together...
then sew
you should have this
and should do the same with a hem - my dress came in two pieces, I always look for the easy way out.
Add a belt and your done!



Anonymous said...

fantastic idea!!! great tutorial.

Karolina said...

so cool ideas! I love the cans one!