Thursday, March 24, 2011

I found these wooden sample earrings for 60cents so thought I would do some experimenting with them.

Turn cheap and nasty into cheap and quirky.
All you need:

  • old or new wooden earrings
  • paint
  • sandpaper
  • pliers
  • craft paper or magazines
  • mod podge or craft glue

unclip hooks and sand down the surface of the earrings

paint the surface and decorate how ever you like...I chose to leave one coloured side and...

I was going to use craft paper on the base. I changed my mind and went for magazine pages, I wanted my earrings to be quirky! 

I went through a couple of images

my final choice was this clock

and rubik's cube...I like things mismatched

Use mod podge or glue to adhere your image to the pendant, when dry sand the sides down, seal both sides and replace the hooks.
Voila you have cheap and unique earrings!


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LJ said...

Love the idea Kara. xx